Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some cards I just made & my first attempt at posting pics

 My first project using my new Copics that I just got this week and my 2nd time using my Peachy Keen Stamps. (I'll be using my Paper Doll Cricut cartridges a whole lot more now that I've got them!)

( my 2nd project using my Copics)

just a super simple card, (but with lots of glitter which doesn't show up!)

I'm learning that embossing & glitter do not photograph well for me :(

This one has lots of Glow in the Dark glitter on it

more glitter and embossing which you guessed it- doesn't show up!

I really like tri-fold shutter cards-can you tell?

  there are little trees embossed on the white circles to match the front

My very first time to use my Peachy Keen Stamps

My inaugural post

Wow!  Well I guess the hard part is done.  I finally (after at least 30-40 attempts) came up with a name for my blog THAT WAS AVAILABLE, even though it's not near as cute or creative as the others I came up with.  Now that I think of it the hard part is really just beginning because I am sooooo computer illiterate.  Thank goodness I have a fairly tech savvy teenager who can help me.  Now to try and load some pics....... wish me luck, oh wait there's no one out there to wish me luck yet.