Saturday, October 30, 2010

Some cards I just made & my first attempt at posting pics

 My first project using my new Copics that I just got this week and my 2nd time using my Peachy Keen Stamps. (I'll be using my Paper Doll Cricut cartridges a whole lot more now that I've got them!)

( my 2nd project using my Copics)

just a super simple card, (but with lots of glitter which doesn't show up!)

I'm learning that embossing & glitter do not photograph well for me :(

This one has lots of Glow in the Dark glitter on it

more glitter and embossing which you guessed it- doesn't show up!

I really like tri-fold shutter cards-can you tell?

  there are little trees embossed on the white circles to match the front

My very first time to use my Peachy Keen Stamps

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  1. I think these cards are great - you have some wonderful ideas. The tri-shutter cards are always fun to do. Sometimes you can get the glitter and embossing to show better in photos by using natural light - they tend to get wiped out with a flash.


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