Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disney/ Pixar Blog Hop #4

Child's voice screaming:  "It's here, it's here" 
(What commercial is that from?  I can hear it in my head as clear as a bell, but can't for the life of me come up with what the commercial is for.)
Anyway, IT is here, Shawn and Melissa's 4th Disney/ Pixar Blog Hop and I'm so glad you've come by. 
You should start at Shawn's and be very sure to go around to all the stops today and tomorrow.   There will be a special letter posted at each stop.  You need to collect them all, then you will submit the phrase they spell out to Shawn for a chance at winning your choice of a Scrap-n-Tote or a Scrap-n-Easel generously donated by Marlo at ContainYa Crafts.
This post was supposed to be a Disney advent calendar, but well...... it isn't and I'll just leave it at that.  Instead how about a couple of cards?
I've definitely got Christmas on the brain and it shows.
This is an accordion peeker card that I got the instructions for from Kim Score at Paper Punch Addiction .
Sleigh from Paper Doll Dress Up cut at 3 inches.  Mickey is the top half only of a cut from Mickey and Friends.
 Here's something easy for the kids to do.  Just cut a bunch of Mickey Heads from the Mickey and Friends cartridge, fold them in half and glue them together, one stacked upon the next.   Before closing up and gluing the first and last one together, glue a ribbon hanger in the middle.

This one uses 8 Mickey heads cut at 3 1/2 inches each. 
This one uses only 4 heads.

Now how about some blog candy just from me.  Here's a twist for you--tell me a Disney character or a Disney movie that you really DON"T like.  (The special letter is P.)  I'll let Randy (random # generator) pick a winning # next Monday afternoon.  If you are a follower I will contact you to let you know you've won.  If not a follower, you will be responsible for coming back to see if you are the winner,  I really hope and would be honored if you decide to become a friend (follower).
You can have your choice of either of these

You're sure to enjoy your next stop with Ellen, "Miss Cardmonkey" herself.  Have fun on the hop and have a great weekend!

Day one You're here NEXT
Day Two - November 20th
Bobbi Jo


  1. Ooooh, so many wonderful projects today, Tami!!! Very inspirational. I'm going to go back and see how to make that accordion peeker card -- SWEET!

    Oh, hmmm, what movie or character DON'T I like? I guess I've never gotten into "CARS". Can't explain it, maybe it's just that I'm so bored with my hubby's always watching NASCAR that anything remotely connected to round-de-rounds makes me zzzzzzz.

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey

  2. I love love love your cards!! super cute love the mickey head ornament too!! Humm... a disney movie or character that I don't like......well i can't say i don't like any of the movies but a character that i don't like is Cruella de Vil!! Thanks for the chance to win!!
    Kristan (Follower)

  3. Great ideas! I love the 3D Mickey head ornaments! Totally awesome and your cards were very fun! TFS!

  4. Great cards! And I love your ornament!

    I like all of the older Disney movies, but don't like Pocahontas at all! (I grew up in Virginia and love the history of places like Jamestown, so it bugged me that they made up the whole John Smith/Pocahontas romance! I'm sure it's just me though!)

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  5. Love that Mickey is playing Santa!

    I have never really liked Pocahontas . . . the drawing style in that one has so many hard sharp lines in it.

    Shawn ~
    Crafty Chics Blog
    and ~ Find your Cricut images FAST!
    Webmasters Earn Money Here!

  6. Like your Disney creations. I do not like Cars Disney movie. Like all things Disney. I worked for the Mouse as in Disney World thru high school & college. Thanks for giveaway chance.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"

  7. love that accordion card I'll have to do a search on how to do that!. I don't like any of the spinoffs that come from the original movies

  8. GIRL you are AMAZING!!!! That accordian card has so much dimension is SO super perfect and the sleigh card is total genius!!!! I'm LOVE with BOTH of them!!! And your ornament is SO fun, I've been seeing a lot of these lately but this is the first Mickey one I've seen!!!

    As far as something Disney I don't like, I'd have to say the original Tron. Never liked it as a kid and so much so that I haven't seen the new one. Hugs- Glora


  9. Hi Tami! Your cards are amazing I just love Mickey in the sleigh. What a clever idea. I love the Mickey Heads ornament too. Wow you are so creative.

    As far as the a Disney movie that I don't like. I do not like the re-make of the Disney Movie Parent Trap. The old one is so much better.

    Hope you have a great weekend. :)

  10. The accordian card is awesome! I would have to say I never really got into Peter Pan. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Love your Christmas Cards and I think my family will enjoy using the Mickey heads to do up a little Christmas tree.

    I'm not a fan of the movie Treasure Planet.

    Thanks for a chance to win.
    Kim a follower
    tandkparker at comcast dot net

  12. A Disney Character I don't like. hmm that is a tough one..Ursula. When she is a octopus and has all those legs it creeps me out a little. lol
    Ashley N

  13. Love your cards!! definitely need to make some mickey head ornaments!!
    The disney character I don't like is The Shadow man from Princess & the Frog. He totally freaks me out!!

  14. Love your Mickey card....I just love any thing Mickey...

    The character I dont like, would be Cruella DeVille (did I spell that right?). Who could ever be so mean to such cute puppies?

    sharynknox @

  15. These are fabulous cards. Love the Disney theme in Christmas cards. They would really make a kid happy. If you ever want to consider joining a great cause please head to my blog and check out my "I Feel the Love Project." This month we are creating Christmas cards to send to children who have cancer and will be in the hospital for Christmas. I am a part of this hop today too. I am the blog right after Ellen and all the info is on my blog on the right side bar. I am just so inspired by your cards. I wish I had Disney cartridges:) TFS!

  16. I love the Mickey ornament. So clever!!! The movie I never got into was Mulan. Don't know why, just not a fan.

  17. I love the Hanging Micky you made. That's a pretty neat idea.

  18. Super cute Disney projects, Mickey in the sleigh is too adorable! It's hard not to love all of the Disney characters and movies, I think I would have to say my least favorite is Pirates of the Caribbean. There is just something about that movie that I didn't like.

    scrappindhilly at gmail dot com

  19. I love your Mickey Christmas cards!! I also love how you created a kid friendly project that is super cute!!

    I really don't like Pinnochio (not sure if I spelled it right or not) because my boys only fixated on his naughty behavior!

    So glad to be in this hop with you!!

  20. Love the mickey head ornament.

  21. Tami, your cards are fantastic! I have to get through Thanksgiving before I can have Christmas on the brain.

    I really can't say that there is a Disney character or movie that I "DON'T" like...after all, I am a Disney Dreamer and that would just be wrong. :) If I had to pick my least favorite it would probably be Aristocats mainly because I am not a big fan of cats.

    Thanks for joining us for another hop!!!


  22. Tami, your Mickey card is awesome. I can't wait to check out the tutorial on how to make it!! Your hanging Mickey is adorable and I can think of many other ways to use that design. Keep inspiring us with your fab projects. I HATE the Pirates of the Caribbean...too mean & ugly! Your Spellbinders is a MUST win, I don't have any.
    Creative Wishes,

  23. Great projects. TFS the character that I dont really like would be Cruella de veil.

    mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

  24. Beautiful ideas....I love the christmas cards and the ornament. Here is my blog if I win..hehe... ...TFS

  25. My fav. Disney character is Mickey of course! lol

    I love the cards you made with Micky. I have a MM Cuttlebug die cut and folder that I use a lot.

  26. I just absolutely love your Mickey cards.. I would have to say Mulan.. its slow.... Happy Thanksgiving
    :) lindaplusthree at yahoo dot com

  27. Wow! That is a hard question! I'm not sure what the name is. I remember a scene that was scary though. There was a little girl being chased by someone to kill her. I saw it when I was 14 and it really upset me. Gave me nightmares for several months.That is the one I don't like.
    I love your cards! That accordion card is wonderful! I went to her site and am now following her too.I want to try this.I love the scene you made for both your cards. They are fun and cheerful. Thanks for sharing. I am a follower of your blog. Edwina Brown

  28. I really like that peek a boo card. I'm definitely going to plagiarize that one.

    I'm a big Disney movie fan, but I think that Lion King is probably not high on my list. Although I'm a big Scar fan!

  29. The cards are amazing.

    I don't like Cruelle Deville (sp?) from 101 Dalmations.

  30. Tami, your cards are stunning! LOVE 'em!!! TFS!

    I love ALL Disney movies/characters, except for ONE:- "Ratatouille". I don't like rats and even in comic form, I can't handle looking at them.

    Thanks so much for a chance to win your awesome blog candy. :-)

  31. Your cards are wonderful and vibrant-they really make me smile. I love the project that kids can make-very creative. I am already a follower and I love your site & Creativity. TFS Cathie

  32. Tami, love you rcards.

    My least favorite Disney move would have to be Ratatouille. It's just something about a rat in the Kitchen.

  33. your cards are just wonderful...very creative..
    just don't like Ratatouille..yuk..
    I am a follower, GREAT JOB and THANKS!!

  34. love the cards! my least fav is Pocahontas.
    shalbgewachs at sbcglobal dot net

  35. Darling cards but I LOVE!!! those MM head orns!!! Fab idea! I do NOT like Ursula from Little Mermaid!! She is the absolute worst!!!!
    Thank you all for this wonderful hop! ChelleBee

  36. Awesome projects!! This gives me some great ideas!! Thanks for the inspiration!! Ok, I really don't like Scar in the Lion King! :-(

    javajen1 at hotmail dot com

    I am a new follower!

  37. Love the cards especially mickey in the sleigh. awesome job. my least favorite disney movie was... oh man i can't chose one. Um I guess it would be Mulan.

  38. I have had a great Birthday today and hopping this great hop is the icing on the cake (no pun intended lol) I have always loved seeing all the great talent in your hop's! I am glad to be here and Love your peeker card and Mickey in the sleigh is adorable!! TFS!! I am a follower and have been for some time!!
    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dot com

  39. Great cards Tami! Cute Mickey Heads too!


  40. Beautiful projects! I love your cards! Great job!

  41. Very cute cards and what a great idea for an ornament. TFS :) I can't think of a character that I just don't like this early in the morning :)

    pruttybird at comcast dot net

  42. Love your projects especially the accordian Christmas card. I'll have to try that. What character do I not like? Hmmm seeing as I love the Disney villians lol I'd have to go with Scar in Lion King.

  43. I hate Cruella Deville. Wanting to kill puppies! What a bad guy! Love your projects- I am going to make a Mickey mouse ornament for my friend Jodi!

  44. Super cute projects. Love the ornament. My least favorite Disney character would have to be Cruella DeVille.

  45. I am a big fan of Disney, but if I have to pick one that I don't like, it would have to be Fantasia. I never really got that movie. You have created beautiful things. Thanks for the chance to win.

  46. FABULOUS, especially the accordian peeker, awesome job on them all!! A Disney dislike would be Ratatoulle, Remy is a character I can live without!! Thanks
    miller896042 at bellsouth dot net

  47. Really? Seriously?? Disney movie I DON"T like? Wow! That's tough......ummmm, I guess it would have to be....ummmmmm, maybe Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs because the witch/hag scared me as a kid. (LOVE it now though) Why do I feel SO bad right now to say I don't like a certain Disney movie??? :D

  48. Your cards are awesome and the Mickey ornament is a "must do"!! Picking a Disney movie that I don't like is hard, but I have to say Old Yeller because it makes me cry every time. I am a follower...
    jejaeb at cfl dot rr dot com

  49. Your cards are adorable! I love the ornament!! My least favorite Disney movie would have to be Mulan.

    plese.cathy@yahoo dot com

  50. I really love all of the Disney Movies ... but if I must choose one I will choose the one my husband doesn't like --- he didn't care for Tangled.

  51. Well I don't really have an answer. Lots of evil characters that I don't 'like' but how would the good characters be so good without them?

    Your cards and those Mickey ornaments are really cute. TFS

  52. Your projects are awesome!! My least favorite character and movie would be Mulan

    kissmyjen at

  53. Love the Mickey ornament. :)

    I'm not a fan of the evil villians - lol. My least favorite recent movie is the Princess and the Frog. It was kinda dark and creepy - lol.

  54. Wow, Tami! All three projects are WONDERFUl, but I especially like your accordion peeker card!!! :)

    That is so generous of you to have your own blog candy! I am already a follower, but your question is pretty tough! ;) A Disney character that I don't like? If I had to choose, I would have to say...the wicked stepmother in Cinderella.

    Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win,

    partridgelu at yahoo dot com

  55. Great projects! I would have to say that Pinnochio would be a movie that I didn't like. Not that the meaning wasn't a great lesson learned and all, it just bored me! I am a follower.....


  56. Your cards are so cute & I love the Mickey head ornament. Great idea for the kids. tfs & chance to win. - angie (follower)
    angiehbug at yahoo dot com

  57. Love your cards, so darn cute! Love how you modified Mickey for the sleigh, that one's my favorite. My least favorite Disney movie would be GNOMEO & JULIET, it just doesn't appeal to me, and I'm usually a sucker for Disney & Disney/Pixar animated films.

  58. OMG! Yout cards are just stunning that first one is just so beautiful, I must go and check out how to make it. As far as a Disney movie I didn't like, that just has never happened with me, I love each and every one! Thanks for the chance to win and for sharing your amazing projects.

  59. Your projects are amazing, especially the first card. I would have to say my least favorite Disney movie is Pinocchio.
    mexicopetshop at hotmail dot com

  60. Your cards and kids craft ideas are fantastic. I love how the Mickey cut looks perfect with the sleigh. Great Job!
    A Disney movie/character that I DON'T like is Cruella Deville...she secretly creeps me out!
    Already a follower and very Happy to be able to hop along on Day 1 of the 4th Hop.
    Jessica S
    Jessica's Craft Shaque

  61. Those ornament are a great idea, Thank you! Your cards are beautiful.

  62. I forgot to tell you which Disney Show I don't like and it is Fantasia, don't really know why but I don't like this one.

  63. LOVE Your pojrects, I just love that card with Mickey in the sleigh, too cute! TFS :-)

    -Samantha :-)
    SamanthaJDesigns @

  64. Oh wow, you make this hard. Can think of all the Disney movies Iand characters I love but to pick one I don't card for that's super hard. I'm going to go with the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie. I missed Orlando Bloom, oh I mean Will Turner. LOL. Loved all your projects. Especially the Mickey ornament. TFS
    TTFN from a follower. dpookybear at yahoo dot com

  65. what fabulous cards, and i love the Mickey ornament! My least favorite Disney movie would have to be snow white -- only because of the singing!!
    I am already a follower!
    Lisa G

  66. This is way cute. I have a friend who is a big time Mickey collector. These will make nice projects to make for her.

  67. This comment has been removed by the author.

  68. What fun projects! They turned out great! It's okay to have Christmas on the brain; it's almost the time to start decorating for it. I don't really care for some of the more grown-up Disney movies with black magic, witches, etc. in them. I prefer the Disney cartoons and animations -- I think they're more in the spirit of what Walt wanted.
    tcsobotka at charter dot net

  69. love the accordion peeker card, I'm going to try to make my own. love the mouse head ornament.
    new follower

  70. These are incredible, Tami! I love them all but I especially like the peeker card! I adore little vingettes and that's exactly what it is. You did a great job with all that paper piecing too. I have that Mickey and Friends cart and it's no easy task getting all the tiny pieces put into place.


  71. Hey Tami, Great Job!! It looks like you had great fun with this hop!! I have something for you over on my blog, so when you get a second, come on over and pick it up!! Karen♥

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