Monday, November 21, 2011

Winner for the Disney/ Pixar Hop and a couple of extras for good measure

I had so much fun reading everyone's comments about their least favorite Disney characters &/or movie and I am so grateful for my newest blogging friends.  I passed the 400 mark during the hop, so besides my blog candy I also want to add just a couple of extra little surprise packs to show you my appreciation. The winning comment was
17 Lori Comeau said...
I love the Hanging Micky you made. That's a pretty neat idea.
(Grrr, I don't know why Blogger keeps inserting that extra #1 in front of the #17.  I've tried deleting and re-posting 3 times and it keeps popping up, but 17 was the number chosen by  Anyways, congratulations Lori, I'll be sending you an email but if you see this before I do, please email me with your choice of either the Spellbinder die set or the pen set and your address.
The 2 extras that were drawn will win a small assortment of Christmas embellishments and stamps and they are
arneff0404 said...
A Disney Character I don't like. hmm that is a tough one..Ursula. When she is a octopus and has all those legs it creeps me out a little. lol Ashley N
Sharyn Knox said...
Love your Mickey card....I just love any thing Mickey... The character I dont like, would be Cruella DeVille (did I spell that right?). Who could ever be so mean to such cute puppies? Sharyn
Congratulations ladies!  Please email me with your addresses so I can get your packages off in the mail to you. 
I hope everyone has an absolutely wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving holiday.  What dish (or dessert) do you look the most forward to that will be on your table Thursday?  The best things are around the table, but on the table will be my mama's dressing and her snowball cake.  I'm drooling already.

P.S.  I still haven't figured out what commercial starts off with the little kid yelling "it's here, it's here" and neither could my husband even tho' we both can hear it in our heads clear as crystal.  Can anybody think of what it might be?


  1. Toys R us commercial....about the big flyer coming in the mail? I can hear it too lol but I can't remember

  2. Congrats to the lucky winners! I was thinking the same thing as Angie...LOL! So, I googled "it's here, it's here" and this is what I found...
    A candy commercial for Rascals

  3. actually, I was I just saw the commercial and I had to let you know right away...its the Target Black Friday one with the crazy Blonde lady working out to get a rush on the sale lol.

  4. I thought it was either tTarget or Kmart, one of them lol

    Thank you Tami for the second prize. I am sure I will put it to good use. :)

    sharynknox @

  5. LOL..I had to go back and see for sure, but you are right...that is Gibler! Fun!

  6. Hey Tami! Make sure you go check out my blog today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Tuesday Nov. 22)

  7. HI Tami, Debc06 here the winner of the Thanksgiving blog hop. Received my package yesterday and just wanted to thank you. I am in the midst of doing my Christmas cards and the stamp and bling will be well used. Once again Thanks so much and TFS your ideas with all your fans.

  8. Hi Tami,

    Just wanted to say thanks again. I received my die-cut and cant wait to start using it. I have to make a birthday card this weekend and this will be perfect. ((HUGS)) Lori


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