Wednesday, April 27, 2011

An invitation for you!

Just a reminder about the Let's Do It Again Disney / Pixar Blog Hop this Saturday and Sunday.  10 stops each day so very easy & manageable.  
Marlo from ContainYa Crafts, the maker of Scrap N Tote & Scrap N Easel has generously donated a Gyspy for the Grand Prize and she MAY even have one of her wonderful products offered as well ( not sure about that one.)  The hop will start with Shawn M. from Crafty Chics who is co-hosting the hop with Melissa from Disney Dreamer Designs.  You should be over all the Royal Wedding festivities by then so plan to come hop with us. 

Now if you have a minute I've got to tell you about this card.  It ended up being used for this post because it was/is destined for the dis-assembly line.  It started out destined to be a birthday card.  This was one of those light bulb moments (ideas) that "blew the bulb".  
For those of you who don't read my posts and haven't heard me say this before... I LOVE to make unusual cards like fun folds and interactive cards, so I had the idea to make another pop-up card, but this time I wanted to make it big-  (like a #10 size) and since it was to be a pop-up it had to open vertically rather than horizontally.  No problem I thought.  I"ll just use my 12 x 24 cardstock and reinforce it with matting.  Well, even with the extra layer of cardstock for mats on the front and back of the cover and designer paper on top of that, it still wasn't stiff enough for this size.  I have figured out tho' that using a good stiff poster board will work, so I"m starting all over.  I'm pretty sure the poster board will solve my problem.  I'm also going to change the wire I used to hold up the balloons.  I used some scrap wire that I removed from some ribbon and it really could stand to be a little heavier gauge, so I'm going to use some beading wire in the remake.  Anyway, I saw the problem early on but before I tore it apart I had the idea to use what I had done already & just make a quick little invitation for my blog friends.  (Don't look too close or you'll see that I didn't even glue the pieces down.) 
I am the world's worst about remembering to take pictures and post a lot of my cards before I send them off, but I will try to photograph the remake & let you see how it turns out.
I have a project I need your help with tomorrow so I hope you'll drop back by and weigh in with your opinion.  For those who do, you'll get an extra entry for my own personal blog hop candy (sorry not for the Gypsy.)
Wishing you sunshine & smiles, love & laughter!


  1. This card is so GREAT..even with all the remakes you are doing. I can't wait for the hop...I had so much fun seeing everyones posts last time and Im hoping to win some goodies this time :)
    I do have to say you are soooo creative and I cant wait to see the next project :)
    See you tomorrow

  2. So cute! I am excited for the hop and to see all the fun creations. TFS!
    Sherrie K

  3. Okay this is SO flippin' AMAZING!!!! I can't wait to see the re-make. I LOVE this to pieces. I need to try one of these pop up cards. Hugs- Glora

  4. Adorable! So excited for this weekend and YES...Marlo will be giving away some of her goodies on her blog and she has also donated a Scrap n Easel for Cindy to give away on her blog! Fun stuff, great projects and LOTS of awesome prizes happening!!!!

    Glad you are going to be a part of it!



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