Saturday, April 30, 2011

Let's Do it Again Disney/Pixar Blog Hop

Are you having fun yet?  
If you’ve been hoping along on the Disney/ Pixar Hop then I’m sure you are.  If you are just jumping into the hop here, then please be sure and go around the entire rotation hitting all 12 stops.   If you prefer to start at the beginning then click here to start at Shawn’s.   

My card is for 3 yr. old Gunner, who just happens to be going to see MICKEY in a few weeks.   I watched Gunner’s mom, Randi grow up and our families have known each other a long, long time.  I should mention that Randi just happens to be the manager of The Disney Store where they live (this girl loves her Disney!)   I had planned to show my LO from yesterday's post for this hop but when I found out they were going to Disney I had this brainstorm of an idea to make Gunner (& his mom and dad too) a card to wish them a happy trip.  Unfortunately, I found out after I finished that Gunner is a ‘Tigger’ man!   Oh well………. 
I hope and think he will like it anyway since the car moves.

The card is 5x7 and obviously is a penny slider card.  I watched a couple of Youtube tutorials on how to make them and as most of you know, a penny slider usually has an image that rotates as it slides down the track.  I didn’t want the car to “twirl” so I added an extra little brace on the back to keep the car from spinning.
All the cuts are from the Mickey & Friends and the Mickey Font cartridges.
     -The car is on pg. 124 and is cut @ approx. 2 ¼ “ high. 
     -Mickey is from pg. 80 and is 2 ½” ( I only used the top half.)
     -The trees are on pg. 125 and are cut @ 1” and 2”.
     -The letters are approx. ¾ “.
OOOO sorry, I told a story, the clouds are cut from Create a Critter -- I don’t remember the sizes. 

One other project I made that kind of goes with Gunner’s card is a 3D circle mini- album/card for Gunner’s Mimi, who is a great friend & one of the sweetest people I know.   It isn’t finished because I’ve got to wait until Randi gets back with hopefully lots of pictures from the trip, but I had to show it so you can see the embossing I did on it with the folder I made.   Can you see them?  They’re Mickey Heads!   They were on a couple of cards I posted earlier this week, but you couldn’t see them.  

Thank you so much for sticking with me thru this.  (I swore I was gonna keep this post short.  Sorry!)  Now those of you have visited me on blog hops before know I like to play games so here’s today’s game for the chance to win my blog candy.  I would be honored if you chose to become a follower but it is not necessary to win, just please understand you will have to come back on Monday to see if your comment was picked.
Now answer these two questions:
1)      1-  If you were magically transported to Disney World (or Land) right now, what would be the first thing (attraction, ride, show, whatever…) that you would head for?
2)      2-  If Randy (random # generator) picks you, which of these would you rather have for your prize?
A)     a Disney surprise package, with an assortment of Disney themed crafting goodies
B)      a brand new set of Spellbinders dies (Large Octagons)- I just can’t get rid of these things.

This hop inspired me to make several projects, (some that I have posted already.)  Once I started cutting out these characters I just couldn’t stop.   Honestly, they are not nearly as hard as you might think.   There are a couple of hints I would suggest:

   -Don’t try to cut the characters too small (well, duh… that’s kind of a given.)

   -Cut the black base piece (the one with the details etched on it so you have a guide of what pieces go 

      where.)   Then cut all the smaller pieces out of white & just color them with your markers the  

      color you want/need.

   -Don’t remove the pieces from your cutting mat until you are ready to use that particular piece.

   -Keep your handbook where you can see it as a guide.  (Remember how you kept the jigsaw puzzle box  

     where you could see it when putting puzzles together?)   

   -Start with the bigger pieces and then fill in with the smaller ones.

Here’s the list for the rest of today’s magical journey, Your next stop is Kathy


Thank you Shawn and Melissa for letting me be a part of this fun hop, and don’t forget to come back to Shawn & Melissa’s tomorrow to see the line up for the projects for day 2.

Make it a great day for as many people as you can today.  It WILL come back to you!


  1. Loved your projects. The Mini Album is wonderful. TFS.
    debbie_craine at hot mail dot com

  2. Great card! Following your blog now.
    I would head for Haunted Mansion - it's my favorite ride.

  3. I LOVE the spinner card that steers Gunner's car. LOVE IT, ♥ it, Love it. Where would I head in Disney World? Hmmm, Animal Kindom. Tree of Life show/ride. So fun.

    Ellen ♥ CardMonkey
    E-mail: cardmonkey at comcast dot net

  4. LOVE that card!
    Also, I need to know . . . how did you do the embossed Mickey heads? Is that a template? (NEED IT!!!!)

    First thing I would do when I got to WDW . . . go hug Mickey Mouse. One thing I really WANT to do is to be able to sleep in Cinderella's castle. I have found my Prince, so now I need to be a Princess in a castle!

  5. You're card is great. I'm sure Gunner will love it. I love the mini album too.


  6. I LOVE the slider card and all the details!
    If I would transported right now to Disney, I would love to have my "21" year daughter with me and have a meal with the princesses in the castle. That is something we have never done and she is my "princess" Thanks for sharing!

    I am a new follower and I would lave the Disney SURPRISE package if I am the winner!

  7. Super cute!! I think the first thing I would like to go do when I got to Disney is to have a meal with the princesses! :) I would love the Disney surprise package if I won!!

    amandawoodau at hotmail dot com

  8. your projects are ADORABLE!!!! Love the moving card, how CUTE! thanks for sharing.

    stampinlara at yahoo dot com

  9. Great projects! I love the slider card, I need to make one of those. For a prize, I think I would pick a Disney surprise package, with an assortment of Disney themed crafting goodies.

  10. That card is too stinkin' cute! I would go to 'It's a small World, and I would take the dies, since I don't have any at all!
    Hummer Hugs,
    hummingbird204 at comcast dot net

  11. I'm a follower! Gunner will love that card I bet. It is awesome as is the album. I would go to the Magic Kingdom first and I would LOVE the dies! TFS!

  12. Awesome Card! Love both your projects!


    Nicole T.

  13. I love your card super cute!
    If I was transported to Disney I think that I would just go wild because I have never been!
    I think that either of the prizes would just be AWESOME!!!

  14. The Card is so cute and I want to try that mini round album looks so cool. If I were transported to Disney right now I would ride Pirates and then Haunted Mansion!! But ayplace in the whole of Disney World would be OK with me!

  15. Love your idea's. I did a ABC album for my daughter for her first trip to Disney - she still loves to look at it. I can't wait to do one for our next trip to disney

  16. I would go to the log ride. I can't remember what it is called, though. It is right next to the Pirates of the Carribean.

    I would love to win the Nesties. That is one on my list of "must-haves".

    I love your mini-album, I've made one of those but I love your bright colors. It is really pops.

  17. Just love the card! cute! Would go to small world! I think the disney suprise pack would be nice,still need to scrap son first trip to disney! new follower! joydee1963 at yahoo dot com

  18. Your projects are amazing! Great job!

    If I were magically transported to Disney World I would love to meet all of the princesses! I just love them!

    I would also prefer the surprise pack because I like surprises! :0

    Thanks for sharing! I'm now a new follower!

    rlhamm1 at gmail dot com

  19. Space Mountain! The lines are always so long!!

    Your card is an inspiration ... great!!

    I would love A...

  20. Great projects ~ LOVE the card!! If I go could to Disney World right now I would go anywhere my seven year-old daughter wanted to go, because she's never been! I would love the Disney suprise pack.

    ~ Jen @ Musings of A Crafty Mom

  21. i love the circle card. thats great. im a new follower.

    1- I would have to say go visit the characters like the faries and mickey.

    2- A)a Disney surprise package, with an assortment of Disney themed crafting goodies

  22. Love the spinner card - it's super cute!

    I would go to Pirates of the Caribbean if I was magically transported to WDW :)

    oh and the spellbinders dies would be awesome!

    Barb S

  23. Those cards are amazing!! I've never seen a circle card/album like the one you've made. What a fantastic idea! Both of them are so bright and fun!
    If I could go to Disney World today, I would head straight for the Aerosmith ride!! We went to Disney for the first time last summer and that was my favourite ride.
    If my number is the lucky one picked by Random, I would be delighted to receive the Spellbinder die. They are not sold in my city so I would be incredibly thankful!
    I'm a new follower. I know I didn't have to... I wanted to!

    smallbitsofpaper @ hotmail . com
    Small Bits of Paper

  24. Great card. I really need to try this.
    If I win I would want Disney stuff and if I got transported I would go to Peter Pans Flight! It never gets old and it's a magical way to start any trip.
    Tina Gale

  25. Awesome Projects!! Loving the circle album!! TFS!!! I am A brand New Follower of your super Great Blog!!
    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dotcom

  26. Either prize is good, like them both! I have to say that I would have to head for the first thing I see when I enter Because I have never been there!
    ilovetonkinese2 at hotmail dotcom

  27. Oooh...when you teleport us, we'd like to go to Mt. Everest first! We are Californians so first we want to do something at Disneyworld that we can't do at Disneyland! :) And, when you send my my prize, I vote for A--definitely a Disney prize package!! :) I'm starting our album now for a DW trip in 2013!! I LOVE all of your projects-even the "reject" from yesterday! :)

  28. I love the spinner card, and I am still trying to figure out how you kept the car from twirling. LOVE it and I am sure Gunner will too. :)
    If I was magically sent to Disney, I think my first stop would be the enchated Castle, is that the right name of it? I love disney, but have never been able to have the chance to go there.
    I wold love prize A, disney craft goodies. :) Thanks for the chance to win.
    Melissa D

  29. Thanks for sharing your awesome projects. I am a new follower to your blog and love what you have created. I would head to Splash Mountain. It is my favorite ride. I would pick the Disney Surprise pack.

  30. Okay sweet girl! This card ROCKS beyond rockin'!!!! I love it to pieces. I have got to try one of these too. Love it! And your embossing folder is awesome. Did you make it with the create you own embossing Cricut embossing folders. I bought two of those months ago so that I could make two different kinds of Mickey icon embossing folders. I've had the designs in my head forever, just haven't gotten around to making them. Seeing how cute yours turned out I have just got to get them made!!!! And that circle album thing is super cute. You need to show me how to make one! I LOVE it!!!! Okay this is getting SUPER long but I can't help it. This is PURE AWESOMENESS!!!!

    If I was magically transported to Disneyland it would be with my husband and kiddos and so I would head straight to Dumbo (always the first ride they want to ride). However, my very favorite is Splash Mountain so if it were just me that is where I would go.

    And although those spellbinder things look awesome, I can never have enough Disney crafting stuff so I would have to go with that as my prize choice. Hugs- Glora


  31. so cool love it....!!! TFS!!!


  32. your so clever!!! thanks for sharing
    im a new can find me over on my blog

  33. Wow! I love both of your projects!

    I'd love to win the Disney goodies! I haven't started the WDW album for hubby and my trip there for Christmas in '09. If I could be transported back there I think I'd just want to be in front of Cinderella's Castle! Just seems like Disney to me! We were lucky enough to have dinner there one night and to watch fireworks from the castle windows! So magical! :)

    karenskapin at yahoo dot com

  34. oh i forgot to answer your questions!!
    1. i would go to check out the castle ( im from australia so have never been to disneyland before) and then find a few princesses & mickey!

    2. B) a brand new set of Spellbinders dies (Large Octagons)- I just can’t get rid of these things.
    i dont own any spellbinders so would love to win some!!

  35. TOON TOWN yep my first stop!!! I would rather have the Disney package--sorry spellbinders LOL

    loved your projects do you have a tut on the mini album??

  36. I think that's the cutest Spinner Card that I have ever seen. Love It!!!!
    If I was magically sent to Disneyland.I would hope that my two little Grandchildren were sent with me. Because they keep asking me to take them. Hate that I can't afford it.
    But I would first want to take my 4 year old Grand daughter to the Castle,to see the Princess. That would be a dream come true for me. (As I'm typing this,My Grand daughter just came over and placed a Tiara on my head.):0)
    Thanks so much for the chance to win one of your Giveaways.If I had to choose it would be the Spellbinder Die.I'm a follower. :0)
    cindymarshall63@hotmail dot com

  37. That card is just GREAT! I love the idea.

  38. OMG, what child wouldn't love Mickey Mouse that's in a moving car on a card, even tho their fav. is Tigger. :-) Beautiful job!! :-)

    As crazy as this may seem (cuz I'm a Senior), my first stop at DisneyWorld would be the Peter Pan ride. I thought it was just "magical". :-)

    If I were the lucky winner of your blog candy, I would love the Spellbinder dies.

    Thanks for a chance to win.


  39. I love the cards!! Amazing work.

    question #1, I would probably head for the haunted mansion, I loved that place.

    question #2, the disney grab bag :)

    Thanks so much!

  40. Great card I just love mickey

    The first thing I would do is go and find mickey & mini I just love them

    If aim picked I would love the spellbinders

  41. I LOVED your projects! Both of them are absolutely fantastic! You are a very cleaver papercrafter. If I went to DW right now I would ride Splash Mountain. I could ride this over and over again and have done just that! If I win I would like the Disney surprise package. Definitely a follower.

  42. 1) I would head straight for the castle and then the treehouse and pirates of the Caribean. I would love the Spellbinders set.

  43. AWESOME projects! The slider card is soooooo cool! He's going to love it! The mini album is amazing!! I love the colors and all the little details!
    1. The first place I would go is the Castle!
    2. Both prizes would be great to win but if I had to choose one I would pick the spellbinders!

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for the chance to win!

  44. Oh my goodness! I absolutely love the circle scrapbook card!! That is awesome.
    I have never been to any disney so I have no idea where I would go.
    For the prize I would love the disney pack.

    at yahoo
    dot com

    im a follower

  45. I have never tried a slider card! Something new to try :) Thanks for the chance to win. I think that I would go the Magical Castle first, and would like to have the Disney surprise pack. Thanks for the chance to win!

  46. Awesome projects! Love the 3d mini.
    Esigmon at cox dot net

  47. hehe I'm already a follower from the last blog hop!

    Lovely projects! I especially love the slider, very creative!

    If I were magically transported, I'd go straight to "The Haunted Mansion". I've never been to any of the Disney locations but I've always wanted to see the haunted mansion since I first heard of it opening.
    If Randi were to pick me, I'd be hard pressed to pick between the two options, as they are both fantastic prizes. I suppose in the end I might be tempted more towards the dies, just because I've never worked with dies before and I love trying new things.

    nutamuATaolDOTcom (replace AT with @ and DOT with . I do this to avoid spam bots)

  48. That circle scrapbook card is heavenly! I would make a run to the Pirates of the Carribean, and would choose the octoganal dies! Thanks for the chance to win! lclass003atgmaildotcom
    PS I am now a follower! So impressed by your skills!

  49. Omg out did yourself once again! Beautiful projects with such wonderful details. I love reading your blog and your just put a grin on my face and make me smile! If I could be in Disney World In a blink of a eye, I would Look up a Blog Friend and go and meet her in person for the first time. As far as your blog candy I will glady take the spellbinders off your hands LOL! Hae a wonderful weekend and thanks for sharing your great talent.

  50. I love the card with the moving car! That is so awesome! I have never been to Disney World but I think there is a princess castle of some sort there (I think???) and I know my daughter's would LOVE to see all the princesses! As far as your prizes, hmmm...I don't have any spellbinders so I don't know anything about them (lol) and I love Disney you surprise me if I win! :)
    sweetheartcopper at msn dot com

  51. Absolutly Beautiful, you are very talented. thanks for the ideas.

  52. I love both of your projects. I think my first ride would be Splash mountain so like that i have the rest of the day to dry lol. I would pick price A. beacuse I have so many Disney pictures to scrapbook.


    mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

  53. The first place I head for is Haunted Mansion! Just love that ride. If I had to choose I would probably want the spellbinder as I just started collecting them. Thanks! I am a new follower

  54. Amazing Car.
    I would ride the Mad Hatter Tea Cups.
    I would pick the spellbinders dies.

  55. Hmmm..2 in the afternoon here and feels like summer..time for a Dole Whip..yum

    I would love love love the Disney Surprise :)

  56. This comment has been removed by the author.

  57. Love your Mickey slider card - too cute! And I love the circle album too. How did you make the Mickey head embossing? For any Disney fan, this is something we NEED to know how to do. Please share. Thank you!

    If visiting Disneyland, the first thing I would do is go straight to Mickey's house to visit Mickey and get a family picture taken with him. My family knows this is the only thing I require us to do each trip. After we get our picture with Mickey, then they are free to do whatever they want.

    If I'm lucky enough to win, I would like the Disney surprise package. Thank you.

    coupondenise at live dot com

  58. Wow!!! I love the card and the circle album (that is really cool)!! If I were to walk into WDW right now, my first thing would be a parade. We usually travel on Saturdays and end up at the MK right at parade time which is kind of the "official beginning" of our vacation. I would just love to win ~ don't mind what the prize is!!!

  59. That card and circle album are really cool.

    I have only been to Disney once and then we went to Epcot. I liked the Finding Nemo, so I guess I would go there again?

    Ummm...I don't know what SpellBinders are...don't get mad, I was taught to scrap by a Creative Memories Consultant and I am learning about these new you could probably pawn them off on, but I would love some Disney suff! I know what Disney stuff is!

  60. OMG! What amazing projects, especially the 3-D- Circle Mini Album. I definitely want to try it. ALready a follower. If I was transported to Disneyland right now, I would rush over to Space Mountain, Im not a big fan of roller coasters but this one is my favorite. Just the feeling of the rush and excitement, especially the screaming. LOL If Randy picked me, I choose the Disney Surprise Package since I have many pics of Disney that I still need to scrapbook.


  61. Love your mini album, what a cute idea! And, how time saving to cut out on white and color pieces, to get them exact! Love that idea! another good way to put my copics to good use or my other many markers!!!!

    We love Disneyland here, so if I went to DW, having never been, it'd be any roller coaster ride we don't have here!!! I'd love to go there some day.

    As for "Randy Random" choosing me, I'd take the Disney package, as I too have the octagons already.

  62. Well let's see we have Disneyland annual passes and usually the first thing we do is head for Pirates of the Caribbean. My kids love the movies so they like to look for Johnny Depp! If I were to win I would so want the Disney craft stuff of course.
    lklebs1 at yahoo dot com

  63. I've always wanted to go to space mountain. I certainly want to try some of the different national cuisine too. I would love to have anything spellbinders. Thanks for the chance to win.

  64. Your card is simply amazing! The details are fabulous! Hmm...if I were transported to WDW right now I would head straight for the tea cups! If I win I would love to have the Disney craft stuff as I'm in the process of getting scrapbooks together for my family's 1st trip to Disney!!!

    Kimmie G.

    kakrnach at yahoo dot com

  65. Love you mini-ablum and Gunner's card is awesome. I've never made a penny slide card I'm gonna have to check out a video.

    If we were magically transported to Disney - I would love to check into a suite at Cinderella's castle and have dinner with the princesses with my prince and princess.

    I would love you Disney surpise package - hoping to get a trip to Disney soon!

    TFS & chance to win - Kim - a follower
    tandkparker at comcast dot net

  66. I would head to It's a Small World ride. I just love it! All the little dolls from all over are so cute.
    The Disney surprise package would be my choice.
    Thanks for sharing. i loved your card and go around.

  67. I would probably go to Space Mountain (I think that's what it's called -- the roller coaster in the dark). I love that thing! I would choose the Spellbinders since I've already scrapped my Disney photos. Love the card, but I really love the pop-up mini album! Great job! Thanks for the chance to win and thanks for sharing!
    tcsobotka at charter dot net

  68. So adorable. I love both of these great projects.

    Thanks for sharing!


  69. I'm a follower and now a fan!
    1. The Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular
    2. The Disney Surprise Package
    Love the Mickey car card. I've made a couple of penny spinner cards - I'm going to have to figure out how you did that brace for the car - that's an awesome idea.
    lfl inesatc omc ast dotn et

  70. This is great, both of them, I am new to this. I too live in SC. if I was transported to one of the parks I think I would like to go to one of the adventure lands,like treasure Island. not having been before I am just guessing.As for what would I like; since I am new I could use anything>

  71. If I was magically transported to Disney World I would want to go to Space Mountain. I went there for the very first time this March and loved it!

    If I won, I would choose the Spellbinders as I love those dies!

    I love slider cards, too. When I don't want mine to spin I use a ribbon so it can be pulled.

    I did become a follower, too.

  72. New Follower!!!!! Yea!!!! Your projects are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
    I would head first thing to the castle and then to find the mouse himself, Mickey!!!!!! If I win, I totally would want the Disney package!!!! No Doubt!!!!

  73. I loved both your cards. they are both so fun! You do great work!

    If I was going to disney (without the kids) the first place I'd go would be Cinderella's Castle.

    I'd love the Disney products.

    smilesmoore2 atverizon dotnet

  74. I love how you put your heart into everyone of your projects. Both of your projects are wonderful.
    Now on to your game; #1- I would head to Cinderella's Castle. I love to see all of the Princesses.
    #2 - I would have to choose the Disney goodie bag.
    TFS and a chance to get some candy.

  75. Great Mickey projects.
    cstephenson at q dot com

  76. amazing projects thanks
    I would love to go to Magical castle, I would like the Disney surprise

  77. Inspiring creations, thanks for sharing your gift with us and being part of the hop.

    If I were transported of to Disney, I'd love to spend my first day just sitting by a pool at one of their totally awesome hotels and rest up for the rest of the stay.

    If I am the lucky winner, I'd like the Spellbinders. Thanks for the chance to win them.

    Hugs, CyndiU cureta2 at yahoo dot com

  78. Wonderful card, I hope I have a chance to have it turn out as beautifully as yours---- and I am a new follower!!! Spellbinders should I win--- but TFS

  79. I'd go to MGM Rockin' Roller coaster.
    -Tech Support

  80. Since we just came back from WDW, I would say to go see the Princess from Tangled first. Her lines were out the door. And also to sign up for the Star Wars experience. LONG lines. But so important for the kiddies. And saying all that...I would say that with 1200 pictures to scrap..I would really choose the Disney stuff. Need all I can get! hehehe

    Really like the mini album you made..cleaver.

    jcamp2020 at aol

  81. I love your 3-D circle album. Amazing!!!

    I need to go on Splash Mountain when I get back to Disney because I didn't get to go on it...misbehaving child this time.

    And I would love the Disney themed stuff if I should win. :)

  82. Great projects! The first thing I would do is go to Disney's MGM studios, since that is the only park at Disney World we never made it too... I would love the spellbinders if I won. :)

    cherie.goyer at

  83. Love you mini-ablum and Gunner's card is awesome. I've never made a penny slide card I'm gonna have to check out a video.

    If we were magically transported to Disney - I would love to check into a suite at Cinderella's castle and have dinner with the princesses with my prince and princess.
    I would love you Disney surpise package - hoping to get a trip to Disney soon! Our daughter live within 10 minute drive from it. We are planning a trip to go with her.

    Thanks for sharing and I'm now a follower and I'm glad I'm a follower I like what I see.


    Donna Scrapp'n Nana

    want to look, I would love you too.

  84. Your projects are awesome!!!

    We go to Disneyland every summer, so I'd love the Disney pack as a prize.

    If I went to DL tomorrow, the first stop I would make is with the first cast member I saw with a pin lanyard. We are huge pin traders, and I would be so ready to trade once I got in the gates!!!

  85. If I were transported to Disney, I think I would like to visit the princess castle. And for a prize, I could really use the Spellbinders! Thanks for sharing!

  86. Would love to win the Disney surprise package.
    If I was transported to Disney the first place I would go would be Cinderella's castle

  87. I love your card! What a cute idea! thanks for sharing! I'm not sure where I would be transported too, would be too mesmerized by everything around me! :) Hoping some day my fam & I will get to go to Disney. Disney surprise pack is what I would like to win. Don't have a spellbinders

  88. I love your layout and wonder how you did you embossing of the Mickey Heads. If I was transported to the happiest place in the world Buzz Light Year ride as it is my son's favourite ride and I love the look on his face when he is on it. I would love to win the Disney Surprise Package as I am workin on my DIsney memories right now.

  89. LOve your card and I don't think Gunner will mind that it;s not tigger. It's a small world is my favorite ride at disney( cause it's so darn cool in there)
    If I won I would pick prize B

    thanks Pat

  90. I love your adorable..I think Gunner will Love it...I know I do.
    My favorite ride is the Haunted Mansion.

  91. Love both of your projects. Just wonderful!!! I think I would maybe head to its a small world. Either prize would be fine will me. I could use both.
    I'm a follower.
    Thanks for the chance to win.
    http: // mamawann. blogspot. com/
    annadowdy at gmail dot com

  92. Both of your projects are great! I've never made a card like that and I might have to try after seeing how great yours turned out.

    1. I'd head to the Haunted Mansion ride since my kids loved that ride when we were there.

    2. I'd love to receive the Disney assortment if I won.


  93. Great projects! Love the card for Gunner...its adorable!

    If I could choose I would be at the Wishes fireworks right in front of the castle! I cry every single time I watch it!

    If I were to win I would prefer the Disney assortment

  94. Love the projects, especially the slider! I'm a follower.
    If I could choose I'd want to watch the parade! And if I were to win, I'd prefer the Disney assortment.
    amylfahnestock at gmail dot com

  95. Love the card! If I could go to Disney I would want to be in the new Cars park! My son in so in love with cars! I'm now a follower of your blog and would love the spellbinders :o)

  96. The card is great!!!

    queen_lade at

  97. your projects are AWESOME!! I dont know which one I like better...they both ROCK. LOVE the both and I know Gunner is going to LOVE that card. I hav yet to try a spinner have inspired me..yet again:)
    TFS and the chance to win...I think I would LOVE the spellbinders
    and if I were in Disney right now it would be on the It's a Small World" favorite followed by the Rock-n-Rollercoster...LOVE Aerosmith

  98. your projects are AWESOME
    I’m Having FUN doing the Disney Pixar Blog Hop
    I have blog candy you can win
    Become a follower today
    Rebecca Minor

  99. I'm a new follower.
    I love both cards but I think the round one with the Mickeys is my favourite. It's very original.

    If I were transported to Dinsey I would head for the castle and have a princess meal with my 6 year old and Cinderella.

    I would like the Disney package as a prize.
    Thank you for all the great ideas. I can't wait for tomorrow.

  100. That is some amazing work. Gunner is one lucky boy :) I'll have to look up how to make a penny slider card. Looks fun!!
    My favorite ride at Disneyland was Soarin' California. So awesome with the moving and smells.

  101. Wow what an amazing card! you must have lots of patients! if i was magiacally transported to Disney World right now i would head straight for Magic Kingdom Wishes fireworks! I don't think i could ever get tired of see it! If choosen by Randy i think i would like the suprise disney package!

  102. I have never been to Disney land, I think my first stop would be to find a map!!! I would SO LOVE the Spellbinder dies!!! I cant find them where I live. Thanks for the chance to win your project is adorable!!! Can you post a tort:?

  103. I love that card for Gunner! I need to make one for my nephew. That is a gift in itself that he would love! If I got transported to Disney World, I would immediately head to Animal Kingdom! I didn't get to see that part yet! Also, If Randy loves me, I would like package A!

  104. Awesome card! I would go to the Rock N Roll Rollercoaster! My fave. I would love the spellbinders. I am totally addicted to spellbinders and do not have those! Already a follower!!
    lfuchs1 at wi. rr. com

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  106. Great projects Tami! I LOVE the penny slider card! Hope Mickey is obeying the speed limit! hee hee

    So happy you joined us for this hop!

    If I were magically transported to WDW right now I would have to head straight for the Magic Kingdom! The second run through of the Main Street Electrical Parade would just be getting ready to hit Main Street USA and I LOVE that parade!!!!

    I would pick package A if I was your lucky winner! No way I could ever resist a surprise package of Disney goodies!!!


  107. Great job on the card. THose always look so cool.
    If I went to Disney I'd want to go meet the princesses.
    I think I'd like the Spellbinders as my first choice, but the Disney assortment sounds cool too!

  108. Great projects! New follower here...if I was sent to DW I would def go see the Princess Castle! Because aren't we all princesses?? =) And I would have say the SPellbinders Dies for me...would prob use those more than the Disney pack!

  109. We love Disney too. I would go to "It's a Small World" first and I would love to win the Disney pack. Peggie

  110. i just love your projects! A. to Q. 1= space mountain. Q.2 A= disney package!
    amywooten2010 at gmail dot com

  111. Wow, great projects! Love the 3D mini album - so pretty! My answers would have to be 1. one of the disney princess' and 2. disney assortment. TFS!
    smile4jenn at hotmail dot com

  112. Love the card . If I was wisked away to Disney I would head for the castle to feel the magic. I would pick a the disney package ,
    Thanks for sharing
    karenk3 at ameritech dot net

  113. Both of your projects are fantastic! I love the slider card. I made that car before and had so much fun with it! It's versatile enough to use for non-Disney projects too, I think. The mini album is adorable and I would love to see how it looks after you get the pictures added! The embossing looks wonderful. My answer to question 1 is that I would go to Mark Twain's Riverboat ride first. For question 2, I would have to take the Spellbinders dies because I don't have any use for the Disney package right now (I have never been to any of the parks). Thanks for the opportunity to win them.

    anniebeescraftroom at gmail dot com

  114. Adorable card! If I was transported to Disney World right now, the first ride I would go to would have to be Splash Mountain! And if I had to choose I would choose the Disney Surprise Pack :)


  115. Love your Mickey card and the 3-D circle mini - I've never seen either style of card before - awesome. If I could visit Disney again I would head for It's a Small World ride, if it's still there. If Randy picks me I'd like the Spellbinders for my prize. Thank you for the chance to win.

  116. I became a follower of your blog. I could not post comments the first time.

    Kathy Brockman
    kathybrockman @

  117. WOW!!! LOVE your slider card. How cute is that???? Gunner is going to adore it!!!! I would definitely head to (of course, I am having a brain freeze and can't think of the name)--Mickey's Philharmagic???? The 3-D Mickey and Donald show. Best thing ever!!!! We started and ended there on our last trip!!!!
    Thanks for the chance--I would love to have more Disney trinkets to play with on my pages!!!!!
    gaudet5 at rogers dot com

  118. Love your slider card. Love all the detail you put into it!


  119. I wish I could be transported to Cinderella's Castle at the Magic Kingdom at Disneyworld! Since I don't have any Spellbinders, I would pick those as the prize. I love your projects, thanks for the tips, I'm feeling inspired to begin my layouts from my Disneyland trip from last year!

  120. Cute idea! I don't even know what rides are at Disneyland anymore so couldn't choose! I'd choose the nestabilities! TFS!

    Kris in Alaska
    funamom at yahoo dot com

  121. I would hit space mountain my fav

    A Disney surprise package would be awesome


  122. Well...I would love to see Fantasia in Disney is such a great show to watch and experience.

    As for the two blog candy choices...the Disney surprise package...after all Disney is were Dreams come true.

  123. I wish I was at Disneyland or Disney World right now. Wish I could be at a castle drinking tea and having lunch with all the Disney's princesses and Mickey Mouse too. I would pick blog candy A. BTW how did you get those Mickey Mouse emboss folder, did you make it? Thanks for sharing.

  124. Love love love your cards. They are amazing. I am a new follower. I would go wherever the kids would want to go I would would be a blast. If Randy chose me I would be very appreciative of anything you sent. I would use a more because I can cute the shapes with my cricut but would be happy with whatever you choose. Thanks for sharing
    krazykcrafters at msn dot com

  125. What a great card and "reject" layout! I would head to Animal Kingdom. I would love the Spellbinders.

    amanbains1 at gmail dot com

  126. That is the neatest card I've ever seen. Like the fact that it doesn't spin, but rides down the road!!

    I cannot go on the rides - I get very sick and hurt all over, so if I was transported to Disneyland, I would go straight to the ladies room and throw up just thinking I had to get on a ride LOL.

    Thanks for the chance to win, I am a follower now.

    Carmen L
    cal8007 at aol dot com

  127. Love your card for your son and your other project as well. I am a follower. If I was there right now I would head for the ride "It's a Small World" I think is the name of the ride as well as the song. I remember this from the World's Fair in NY. My mom and I went on it there several times and so a few years ago I went to FL to Disney and when I went on that ride all the memories came back like I was a little kid and I swear I heard my mom singing with me. (She has been gone 7 years now). What wonderful memories I have. If I won I would love either prize but since you asked us which one... I would love the Spellbinder Dies.
    I am a follower.

  128. I love your slider card
    If I were magically transported to Disneyland _ I would head out to see the new Harry Potter stuff
    I woud pick the Spellbinder dies - just trying to help out since you can't get rid of them and since I don't have any - win, win all the way around. and yes i do read what others write- I guess it is the teacher in me
    I am a follower

  129. are quite the talent.. wtg.. first stop would be its a small small world.. thanks for the opportunity at your candy.. mitz_zee@yahoodotcom

  130. I would love to go to It's a small World. I would pick the Disney pakage. Thanks so much for the chance to win!! I am now a follower . Yea!!!

  131. Hi! Well, I would head to the Tomorrowland Speedway in the Magic Kingdom with my 8 yr old son as that is his favorite ride and I just love to see his excitement when were are waiting in line and when he is "driving"! If I am so lucky I would love to win prize package A. I am a huge Disney fan!!!

    Your blog is super and I love your projects - super job!!! I am now a follower and cannot wait to come back to your blog. I would love to know how you made the 3-D circle mini album/card! Thanks again - gotta hop!

    My blog is:

  132. Cute cute card and what a great idea to start Gunner's trip off. He will love the spinner/slider. His MIMI is one lucky lady too to get this album for photos of this special tripo.

  133. I LOVE both of the projects!! If I were transported to Disney, the first thing I would want to do is one of the shows (Any one of them)!! I am a follower, and would love the Disney prize package :)

  134. Cute projects! I've become a follower, and thanks also for a chance to win! to answer your questions, I would probably go to Cinderella's castle and I would probably like the Spellbinders... :-)

  135. As always I love your projects! I would love to see the Animal Kingdom part. It wasn't there when I visited as a kid. I love both od the choices but would probably use the spellbinders more! Can't wait to see what you make next!


  136. You did a really fantastic job on both of your projects. I am your newest follower. To answer your question I would have to say that if I was in Disney World I would go and get on the Toy Story Ridge with my kids cause that was their favorite movie (from it's original release) It was a long time ago.
    If I'm lucky enough to win I would prefer A but if I win and you gave me B I wouldn't complain it's your giveaway so your choice. That's how I look at it.
    Thanks for sharing and for the chance to win some awesome blog cady.

    mpetrovich23 at yahoo dot com

    I would love for you to be a follower of my blog if you like it.

  137. I would go to Mountain, or the Buzz light year ride. Oh it's so hard to choose..I love all rides at Disney I'll say the one with the shortest
    I would take either prize package! Thank you for the chance!!!

    I am also following.

  138. I especially love your mini-album. Great idea! I'd follow my family to anywhere they wanted to go, because I always have so much fun watching them...

  139. I think the first place I would head to would be Cinderella's castle because at my age, I've NEVER been to Disney World and I would feel like Cinderella.

    I love your projects and will become a follower because I want to, not because I have to.

  140. What an adorable card for Gunner!! I bet he'll love it even without Tigger!! :)

    If I could be magically transported to Disney World??? Well, I'd want to go to Epcot to see Figment at Journey into Imagination!! I've loved that little guy since I was TWELVE!! :)

    IF my comment were to be selected, I would want you to SURPRISE me with the prize... That means I'd be ecstatic to win anything!! :)

    So glad I got to hop through (a little late since I was away yesterday)... And I can't wait until the next Disney hop!!

    Tami -- I just love the sneak peek at that circle album!! I can't wait to see it all finished!! You are doing some amazing things these days!! :)

    I am already a HAPPY follower!!
    Amy :) at
    scrapbookingwithamy (at) gmail (dot) com

  141. What FABULOUS work! Love that circle ablum! Appreciate all your words of advice ~ all were TRUE! New follower! Would head to Peter Pan first because that line is SOOOO long and slow ~ and I love that ride! Would love to have #1 assortment of Disney treasures.
    SusanJ in Atlanta

  142. Your card for Gunner is wonderful...he'll LOVE that it moves! Great embossing on your clever! If I were magically transported to Disney, I'd love to land at the Polynesian with a drink in my hand!! :-) I'd LOVE an assortment of Disney goodies!! Thanks for the chance to win!

    ~Sharon C
    sconn0925 at yahoo dot com

  143. Great projects! I love cards that move and the circle album is such a nice thing to give to your friend. Thanks for sharing.

  144. Love the ideas - both are SO cute! I am a new follower and if I was transported to DL or WDW - I would head straight to It's a Small World. It has always been my favorite :) I would also love to have the assortment of Disney goodies!! Thanks for sharing!

  145. So super cute :) I love Mickey's car!

    Emily (coolcricutcreations at yahoo dot com)

  146. I have enjoyed the hop with you and look forward to hopping again in the future!


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