Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tuesday Tips

Show & Tell time.   What do you have to share with the rest of us?
A couple of events have happened to me in the past week or so that led me to want to try this post and see if I can get any response.   I was going to call it “Unexpected Uses” but I want it to cover so much more than that.
Do you have a little tidbit you can share?  Maybe it’s a discovery of a technique or something frugal you do to save time, money, or paper & supplies.  It could be something you have learned or developed out of necessity.   Is there something “you know now that you wish you had known then” when you were first starting out with your crafting?  Don’t assume that just because it seems so logical or basic to you that others have heard of or thought of it themselves.  Share the wealth.

My first tip for today came about because of a conversation I had with a cashier at the craft store.   I was purchasing some of those little tiny clothespins and she wanted to know what I was going to make with them.   Well, I’m not going to make anything WITH them but I will use them to make lots of things.  I use them as “paper clamps”.  Why not just use paper clips you ask?  Sometimes I do, but these can be a lot quicker & easier at times.
My second tip has developed out of necessity.   For 2 weeks now I have been trying to find some Un-Do, but being from a small town I have struck out locally, so until I can “go to town” (meaning go to the big city,) I will just have to keep doing what I’ve been doing for a long time whenever I stick something where I don’t want or like it & want to move it.   NOTE: this works great but is dangerous because of the sharpness of the tool, so if you do this, be very careful! 
Use your cricut spatula to separate (slice is actually a better word) the 2 pieces apart.  Gently slide the blade in between and wiggle it back and forth (side to side not up and down) as it slices thru the adhesive bond.  Do not pull on the paper other than to help lift & separate the pieces.  You should get a very clean and uncrinkled removal.
Ellen over at Cardmonkey shared a wonderful tip on how to make your own glue dots and several have posted tutorials on making homemade Wobbles (which is great when the real Wobbles are way too big for your project.) 
So how ‘bout it?  Do you have something you can show & tell.  I would really love to hear your tips and tricks.  Crafters are clever people, so share with me one of your “ta-da” moments or discoveries.  I hope to do this “Tuesday Tips” post for the next few Tuesdays so if you can’t think of anything today be thinking for next week.  I hope you all have a wonderful week. 
Wishing you sunshine and smiles, love and laughter!


  1. Great ideas - thanks for sharing. I think Tuesday Tips will be a good thing. :)

  2. Tami, I think your tip idea is a good one. Right now, I don't have any to share, but will keep thinking. You asked me what I'm doing to get so lucky and win great giveaways!? Nothing, but people are going to start thinking something fishy's going on! I can't believe it myself. This win from Elaine of the Twinkle toes cartridge is big!! Isn't that the ultimate prize? Winning a cartridge? I think I really better buy a lottery ticket. Thanks, Tami!--Pat N.

  3. Hi Tami The paper I used was from colorbox that I picked up At WalMart. Its called Romance. The rings were made from white card stock from WM and i used Zing Embossing Powder (silver) Metallic Finish. Jewel came from Hobby Lobby. There you go girl (hugssss) Victoria :)

  4. This is a great idea, Tami! Maybe, if you get a good number of responses, you could make it a periodic feature on your blog. I just love things like this. I have been up blogging all night so my brain isn't functioning very well right now but one of the things I do is to put a straight pin in the nozzle of my liquid glue bottles before I put the top on. That way, when I need to use it again, I just pull the pin out and it's ready to go. I don't have to worry about the hole getting clogged up between uses.

    I also just learned to make my own paper roses. It's great because I can match any project I'm making perfectly and it saves a ton of money! Those Primas can get expensive when you use as many as I do.

    I stopped by to tell you that I have an award for you at my blog. You can drop by and pick it up whenever it's convenient for you. Congratulations! You definitely deserve it!



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