Friday, January 7, 2011

Thank you Karen!

My new friend Karen over at gave me this award.  Ha, Ha, Karen, not only did I get it to post, but I actually "linked".  I'm moving up!
I'm supposed to post 3 things about myself, so hmmmm, here goes.
1)  Some of my favorite things are: the color blue, snowflakes, bunnies, flowers, anything sparkly, and chocolate!
2)  I can't wait to be a grandmother- not that it's going to happen anytime soon I hope!  My daughter's not married yet.  She and her sweetie are waiting till she graduates from nursing school this May, so 2-3 more years at least.
3)  I am a sinner saved by grace thru the precious blood of Jesus and I look so forward to seeing Him some day.


  1. I an so PROUD of you Tami, but now you have to give the award to 5 people. just put aq list up on you blog, and contact them and let them know that the award it on your blog, and tell them they have to do what you did the 3 things, then nominate 5 bloggers. Good Luck. Karen


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