Monday, February 21, 2011

3 in 1: A card for a friend, A challenge & A homemade mini wobble

I have 5 friends that have St. Patrick's Day birthdays.  This one is for my Leprechaun friend Teresa.  (I can post this because she doesn't know anything about my blog.)  I'm also going to enter it in the Peachy Keen Challenge Sketch #45.   I don't care too much for entering challenges so I don't do very many, but I do enter every once in a while.   What's to lose if they're random draw, right?
I realized after I posted this pic. that I haven't finish the card yet.  Got a few more little finishing details to add.  Hubby is off work today & is waiting for me to hurry up & get ready so we can go out for the day.  Yayyy! for getting to spend the day having fun with him, but he's rushing me, grrrr.
What I'm really excited about is my homemade mini wobble I made to make the little guy above be able to do an Irish jig.  My real Wobbles were too big so I made a smaller version using the thin wire that I pulled out of some "wired" ribbon.  It works great!  I can't remember the exact links I watched but there are several video tutorials on how to make wobbles.  I just modified what I saw from a couple of those.
Happy day everyone- be sure to do something nice for someone else & it'll come back to you.


  1. Beautiful card, I am sure your friends will love them!!! Great job making your own wobble!! TFS, your new follower Cathryn67 <3

  2. Fabulous card!! I love the pretty! I saw your comment on my blog asking about the candy jar. I think it was a big hit! Everyone seemed to like it. Some even joked about me picking their calling card instead of everyone else's!

  3. Tami, you always have the NICEST things to say!! Thank you so much for sharing sunshine through the internet!! :)

    I love this card -- The colors are perfect, and the ribbon is adorable!! Your friends are lucky, lucky, lucky to receive your beautiful cards!!

    Have a GREAT day!!
    Amy :) at
    scrapbookingwithamy (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. What a beautiful card! I love your blog; you're projects are wonderful. Following!

  5. You're St Paddy's card is so loveable. Thanks so much for commenting on my distressed picture frame. You're so sweet.

  6. Sorry my big fat hands were in the way. Basically you have 5 pegs and you sorta knot the first one then wrap around the others till you get back to the first so the you have 2 wraps on each peg with that little tool i had you take the botton and pull up over the top one and continue around always having a top one over the you are gonna pull up and over it. Its by provocraft you buy them at walmart. Knitting looms. sorta I can't remember the names i have the round ones small med large x large, make tobaggon (hats) with. Victoria :)

  7. Thanks for the sweet comment. I am so excited for me and Elaine. I guess she was one of my new followers. I hope shes as excited as i was when i hit the 200. Victoria. I am also trying to study how to do codes when i get it down pat i will make you a real button. Hugs

  8. This card is just beautiful!!!!
    Tami, Kylie wanted me to thank you for the nice things you said about her card video. She wanted you to know she can't type it herself because she doesn't know how to read. lol! Thanks so much for watching the video and commenting. She got such a kick out of it, grinning ear to ear!!
    Gina and Kylie

  9. Love this card! So cute :)

    I'm awarding you with the Liebster blog award! Stop by my blog to pick it up :)

    Have a great week!


  10. Hi Tami Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment. I love your blog athe airish in me is just bubbling over. Your card is beautiful,your friend will love it I'm sure.
    Big Blog Hugs

  11. pretty card love the green you did a beautiful job on it,
    Your little yorkie is a cutie,


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