Thursday, February 10, 2011

Simple Valentine Treat Box/Bag

It's not a box and not a bag, so what do you call it, a bog or bax? 

When my kids were back in elementary school, I was always a "room mom".  (Do they even have those anymore?)    I was always looking for inexpensive & easy crafts to do with the class, especially for the holidays.  This one would qualify.  It would just take a little time doing the scoring ahead of time, and rather than panels, I'd probably just let them decorate with stickers or drawings, and I would definitely use curling ribbon.  Boy, I miss those days!

Don't forget- make it a good day for someone else & it'll come back to you!

UPDATE:  I've had several requests here and via email for the instructions for this.   

Start with a square piece of cardstock- (just for this example we'll say 9 inches,) then divide the big square into 9 little squares by making score lines at the 3 inch & 6 inch lines, scoring both vertically & horizontally.  
Your big square will now have score lines that look like a tic-tac-toe board.  Crease your fold lines. 
On the 4 "corner squares" score them diagonally from the actual corner (point) just down to the score line.  
Fold these short diagonal score lines inward and once you have all of them folded you have little triangular flaps and you should be able to make out the shape of the little basket at this point.  
Each of these folded sections will need a hole punched in them to thread the ribbon thru.
Then just decorate the sides with panels, stickers, etc.   I hope this makes sense.  


  1. What a cute bag/box! :)
    Would love to make one also... I'm a room mom for two classes and this looks great! What are the dimensions?

  2. This is so cute!! What a great idea. I loved your message at the end of your post, too. :)

  3. I love this, I've been wanting to make one for a while! But now I've forgotten where the instructions for it are. Yours is GORGEOUS and you took such beautiful pictures of it! And yes, they still have Room Mom's. Hugs- Glora

  4. Tami i didn't see a button on your blog to grab but come by my blog i made one so i could have easy access to your blog. I was always forgetting to come by cause i didn't have your blog button. Stop by and take a look if you like it i can send it to you.

  5. Hi I just followed you here, hopping around checking out the amazing goodies you guys are making. This box is so unique, I think it's my favorite. Kelly ( walkelmol on youtube

  6. Just send me your email address and i will send you instructions on where to go and what to do okie dokie. :) hugs Victoria

  7. What a great project! By the way, I just gave you an award at

  8. I love this project! I think it will be perfect for my son's 4th grade class. Can you send me the instructions as well? My email address is:
    Thanks Robin

  9. i would love to make these! can you please send me the intrustions??

    Thanks so much!!

  10. Any chance there is a place where the instructions are posted? Would LOVE to help my daughter make this for her tween friends this year! THANKS!

  11. Anyone have the directions they could email to me???


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