Monday, May 30, 2011

New My Cut Search Tips for you Imagine Owners

Here's a great new My Cut Search tip from Shawn Mosch, the brains behind My Cut Search (formerly known as the Cricut Search page.)

I am hoping that all of you that own an Imagine will be VERY happy with the MyCutSearch Tip for today!  Over the long weekend I was able to do some catching up on information for the website, and I now have ALL of the Imagine cartridges that are available up on the site and databased!

Now, I don't own an Imagine, so had to do some thinking when it came to all of those backgrounds and patterns that are included on the cartridges.  How in the world was a going to "categorize" those?  Then I started to think about how I look at paper when I go to start a project.  Sometimes I know I want a specific color or pattern.

So let's pretend you were getting ready to scrapbook a layout of a summer picnic.  Wouldn't a gingham check pattern be nice to use, since it would look like a traditional picnic tablecloth?  So go to and type in

You should get this for your search results

That's right . . . that is a preview of all of the Imagine handbook pages that have a gingham check pattern.

Here is a larger view of one of them.

Some of the other patterns you can search for are floral, stripe and polka dot.  I hope that all of the Imagine owners like this feature and find it helpful!

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