Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tips for Tami Tuesday- STORAGE

I'm not going to ramble on today, but going to get straight to business.  Today we are talking STORAGE.
I want to know every little clever tip and trick you can give me on this subject.  I have a very small craft room so I need all the help I can get.  I was/am very interested in how to store Copics without spending a ton on the "official" storage units, (I'd rather spend that money on more markers.)  Jessica over at Chick N Scrap had a very good idea using some containers she picked up at Target.  How do you store your Copics or other markers?  
 Next on my list is stamp storage, both wood mounted & cling stamps.  I still don't have very many stamps and the few I do have either go in these 3 ring binders I bought, or in a drawer.  I almost wish I had just used a plastic shoebox for the cling stamps.  These keep things neat, but they are so aggravating to use.  Someday, if/when I get a lot more stamps, I think I would really like having them on one of the clip-up revolving stamp racks.    

Oh, and let's not forget our punches.  They are probably some of the worst of all supplies when it comes to storing. What do you do with yours?  Then of course there's all the bottles of glitter and sprays, glues & adhesives, inkpads, and on, and on, and on we could go.
I do have one little solution that I discovered and LOVE and it's these great little magnetic folders by QuikKutz that I use for my Spellbinders dies.  They are fantastic.  I get mine at Hobby Lobby and always use a 40% off coupon on them so they end up costing less than $8.  I have several & I just color coded the spine so I can tell what shapes are in each folder.

These are just the things that come to my mind right now.  Don't let this list limit you.   LAY IT ON ME.... what brilliant ideas and solutions have you dreamed up and used? 
Can't wait to hear what you've come up with!


  1. I don't have any really great tips, because these are all items that I try to organize and re-organize over and over again because I'm not sure exactly how to store them. I also have a very small crafting area, so I can't wait to ehar what people have to share on this topic. I will share what I am doing for a few of the items you listed though.

    I keep my clear stamps, inks, etc in a 3 tiered plastic storage drawer container. All my peachy manufactured stamps (Peachy Keen, Market Street Stamps & My Creative Time Stamps) 'barely' fit in one drawer so I will be reorganizing once again soon.

    I don't have many Copic markers and the ones that I do have actually came in a set. So I keep them in the container they came in and store them flat with the marker length. (I've been told it is best to store pens that way so that the ink doesn't all pool to one end or the other).

    My punches go in some more of those plastic drawers, but these ones are a lot less deep than the ones I mentioned for my stamps. They are meant for 8 1/2 x 11 paper storage but they work great for a single layer of punches.

    Hugs- Glora

  2. Hi Tami, it's the other Tami. :o) This is just too fun. hehehe. Yes I am in Charlotte NC. You want to know about the Creating Keepsake Convention? It's wonderful! This will be my third year in a row that I will be attending. What would you like to know?

  3. Thanks so much for mentioning my copic storage! I love how it works for me and it was very inexpensive to do :)
    I really need to figure out the whole stamp storage thing also. My rubber stamps are either in the Stampin Up case or in a wire basket. It is really hard to find the ones I want or need sometimes....I would really LOVE a big wall that I could display them all...like in the stores. My clings are in a basket still in the wrappers. I pull them out everytime I want to use them and try to get them back into the wrappers when I am done. This does not work!!
    I love your idea about the spellbinder dies. I have 2 sets right now and I keep them in a CD case. Your idea is so much better!
    Again my punches are in a basket but I also do not have alot of those either.
    I wish I had TONS of money to have all the storage solutions that work the best :) That would be nice right!?!? And a nice big crafting space!
    Thanks for sharing your tips and sharing mine also :)
    Have a great night!!

  4. I can tell you that they have a schedule of classes that are out right now. Online Registration opens Wednesday, May 25, 2011 at 1:00 PM ET.
    Here's the link to the class schedule: http://www.cvent.com/events/ckc-charlotte-2011/agenda-299e3f295be345a481100d8ce42b96de.aspx
    Also they have a huge vendor area where you can find just about everything scrap related and most of the vendors have little make and takes at their booths. They have crops during the evening on Friday and Saturday night but I don't do those because I crop at AC Moore with my friend. And they have several give-aways during the entire event.

  5. If you are planning on going, let me know and maybe we can find a place at the convention to meet or we can try to take a class together at the same time. I'm going by myself this year since my daughter cannot go with me.

    The classes range from 25 and up. Some people don't take the classes, they just buy the vendor pass to do their scrapbook shopping.

    I would love another scrappy friend to hang out with at CKC. Here's my email if you want to chat some more, tamimatheson at hotmail dot com

  6. One more thing.... I have an award for you.
    Please stop by when you get a chance.


  7. Hi Tami, I am still struggling in my room. i took over the master bedroom. well it was the biggest room and how much room do you actually need to sleep in right? LOL I use DVD shelves, since they aren't very deep, so I store all of my Stampin' up stamps in their cases on them. I also recently added my clings to cd cases (I used all of our old computer program ones) and they fit good on these shelves too. I have pictures of all of my stamp sets in 6x6 photo books that I found at the $ store. I then numbered the page and put the same number on the stamp set, so I can easily find the set I want.
    I store all of my pens in a newly acquired rack that I bought at a garage sale for $1. It is a letter rack with about 8 slots that are angled. It hangs on the wall.
    All of my card stock is in one of the paper or mail slot shelves. I also found this at a garage sale too. I love finding items that people don't have a need for any longer, but work for me.

    I bought plastic shoe containers at the $1 store too, for items like the cards that I make and some supplies.

    One thing that I bought that I would love to have a whole wall of is a cabinet from Ikea. It is where I store all of my single stamps. It has thin drawers, sot hat I can lay the stamps down flat. They sell it in a short one (which I bought and put under my table) and a tall one. I found them in the file cabinet section. I love that store, it has so many ideas, but I too want to find things that I can find cheap, so I can spend more money on my craft items.

    I use the plastic drawer storage bins that are usually 5 or 6 drawers for my punches, embossing powders, and some other stamps.

    Oh yeah, I also have Sizzix dies and use the DVD shelves for those too.

    I have to find out what to do with my new acquired Spellbinders. I have seen the magnetic binder and am thinking about getting that.

    I plan on taking the day before and after Memorial Day off so I can re-organize my room. I will post some pictures on my blog after I am done.

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on my polar bear. I am hoping to be able to add a whole bunch of other things soon, but need some extra time. Maybe after my room gets done. So stay tuned.

    Oh yeah, I set up a FB page too, so when you go to my blog, click on the FB link. It is a "like" site.
    Tambo's Creations

  8. Did you see my blog post yesterday?? I left a lil something for ya. :) Thanks for the comment about our bird house. :) My daughter did most of the work. LOL.. Have a GREAT day!!!


  9. Hi again Tami!
    I just wanted to pop back and let you know I have an award for you :)
    Have a GREAT day

  10. I have a wall in one bedroom that is for my crafting supplies. My desk is from Target and it has no drawers. It kind of looks like a sawhorse type of thing. I put shelves up on the wall. I hold my cartridges there. I also have a lot of plastic storage bins and photo boxes. I purchased the hanging shelves from Ikea and the cups that go on them. THey are very inexpensive. I keep sharpies, gel pens and color pencils there and one of the wire baskets holds all of my acrylic stamps. I'll clean up and take some pictures. :)

  11. OK.. Remember those Nesties that have been LOST!!! We have them!!! I sent them in a pile of mail for Aidan a while back!!! His dad brought them to my hubby knowing it wasn't for Aidan!!! :) I get to play with them now!!! Thank you my SWEET friend!!!



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