Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Time to weigh in- Tuesday Tips for Tami

 Today I have 2 topics I want to ask you all about.  The first is this machine, the Teresa Collins

I just learned about it last Thurs or Fri. and I haven’t bothered “Google-ing” it yet, so I was wondering if any of you know anything about it.  I don’t even know how long it’s been out.  I’m assuming it’s kinda’ new, but for all I know it could’ve been around a year or two.  Ellen (aka Cardmonkey) gave me a little insight on it yesterday.   She had some very good points, (i.e. the cost of refills, the chemicals/fumes it may generate etc.) 
It looks very interesting and if there is anything “to it”, we can all bet that the big manufacturers will be jumping on the bandwagon and coming up with their own versions of it.  So what do you think or know about this?

My main topic for today however is a follow up to a previous Tuesday Tips post All about Digis.  I’m new to the Digi world so I’ve had lots of questions.  Thankfully my blogging buddies have really come thru for me and answered pretty much all of them.  Today I want to carry on with this topic but I want to know about how you color your stamped images.  Do you use Copics or some other markers and if so, which ones?
Do you use pencils & Gamasol?  (I don’t know what this is or if I’m even saying and spelling it correctly.) 
Do you use several different methods to color your images?  What are they & which do you like best? 
Have you found some papers that are great and some that just don't cut it for this job?
For those of you who have Copics, here’s another whole set of questions for you.
   Approx. how many markers do you have now and about how many did you get started with? 
   How do you store yours? 
   Are there certain ones you just can’t do without? 
   Did you buy yours in sets or individually? 
   Have you taken a class on how to use Copics?  Would you recommend taking a class to others or would you tell them to just watch Youtube tutorials? 
Whatever you can tell me I want to know!

Next week my questions are going to be about storage.  So start getting me your best ideas and storage methods together.  It just occurred to me that if I keep hounding you all for information & help I’m going to have to come up with a way to reward you now won't I?  hmmm…….

Thanks everybody!
Now have a great day.  Better yet, have a great week!


  1. Hi Tami!
    I have just started with copics and recently (before purchasing any) took a beginner class at our local stamping store. After learning some tips I did purchase some markers. The owner at the store went through with me some of the basic colors to start with and those are what I purchased (28 markers) I have since gone back and purchased 7 more colors.
    She also suggested a paper to purchase which is Beckett Expression Cardstock which works GREAT with the images stamped using Memento Ink.
    I would totally recommend taking a class and I have yet to watch any video tutorials but will probably do so to learn even more.
    I love coloring with my copics and love the look that it gives to a stamped image or digi image.
    I dont store mine in anything special..just a wire mesh container. I figure with the cost of the markers...I could come up with an inexpensive way to store them and save more money to purchase more markers :)
    Hope this helps answer some of your questions
    Have a GREAT day :)

  2. I have the stamp maker and i love it....

  3. I'm interested in learning more about the Copics too... So far, I'm not all that impressed with them (don't own any, just used them at a LSS), so I don't want to make the investment!!

    I've only ever used SU! markers, chalks, and watercolor pencils to color my 'stamped' (not digi) images... So I'm comfortable with that, but I hear that the printed digi images aren't great to color that way (because the inkjet ink bleeds with these methods)...

    I've watched some youtube videos on the Copics, but it seems like a lot of work and I'm no artist!! :) I admire anyone who can color in the images so beautifully... I'll keep working on it!! :)

    I look forward to reading more comments...

    Amy :) at www.lovetocrop.com

  4. I have trying to learn about Copics and Pencils to. I think I have decided on Prisma Color Pencils.You have to get Gamsol and a blending Stump. You need to watch some video's on it on you tube. I have been wondering about Digis? How do you get them? I'm so clueless.:0)
    cindymarshall63@hotmail dot com

  5. Sorry I dont have any info for you because I have no clue of what you guys are talking about lol but I would love to learn more about digi stamps. I have no clue who to get them? or even what to due with them lol. I hope I get more info here at your blog.


    mommyscraftycreations at gmail dot com

  6. Well i tried the prisma pencils that cost me a fortune at Micheals and i have to say i could work with them but i found i got little flecks of wax on the other parts of the paper, and if your not cutting out your image fully i don't like it...i'm a little bit of a perfectionist....So copics were out for me as the cost would take your leg and arms....both:)
    So after many nights on the computer researching i decided on promarkers. Same type of marker, same blending, with one small differance which is the nib is ridgid and the copic is more like a brush. I purchased 80 colors at first and just bought the rest of the 148 set. Tria markers are also like copic and it has the third tip like the copic. These markers are not refillable but for how long it would take you to empty them and at the cost of the refill i'd buy a new marker...Get this in canada copics run from 6-8 dollars each....Promarkers in the USA 1.65 each and tria's 1.95 each...there is no question promarkers all the way. You should have at least 2-3 colors in each color to blend...light, medium and dark in same tone...Also tria come in 300 colors
    site to purchase is http://www.carpediemstore.com/index.asp
    hope this helps. www.canadiancraftcorner.blogspot.com to see some examples with these markers.

  7. Hi Tami,
    I don't know anything about Digi's but when I was blog hopping I saw a gal who had a digi stamp that she had colored with copic markers and it was georgeous! I went to a weekend crop and they were selling copic markers and giving a little make n' take on them. I took the class and bought 12 markers for a really good price (I got a book that keeps track of what markers I have bought and a free black marker too) anyway I have been buying them one by one since then. I really like them. I especially like them because I now only buy White fabric thickers and I color them the color I want my title to be!

  8. Tami I have the Stamp maker by TC but i just haven't been in the mood to try it out I got it on HSN when they launched but can't remember if it was at the end of 2010 or the first of 2011. One of these days i will take it out of the box and go to town. Victoria :)

  9. Hi Tami, You have, and sure doing some good investigative work!! I do use Copics, I don't know how many I have, and I am so afraid to count them, because then I will start to add in my head how much I have spent on them, and I never want to do that! LOL I store them in a drawer, because you are not supposed to store them vertically. I don't use them much, but I am going to really try and do better. Thanks for the info!! karen♥

  10. Tami since i was in here the other day and your comment about trying to use my stamp machine. I did. I have a card that i used my first stamp on it was of the heart template that was sent with my machine. It came out pretty good but i am thinking i didn't let it stay the whole 3 min. Gonna try a stamp of my own the next time. Try to create something of mine. Will let you know when I do. Victoria :)

  11. Hi Tami, first I want to thank you for hopping by this weekend for the Bake Sale Blog Hop! That was really fun. About the stamp machine. I recently read on Liza Henderson's blog that she has one of these machines and makes her own sentiments. Here's the link: http://hooscrafty.blogspot.com/2011/03/my-own-stamps.html
    After seeing that, I just had to check it out. I googled it; there's a video of how to make a stamp and the reviews I read sounded like it made better image stamps than words, but Liza's sentiments look great. I'm just not convinced it's worth $140 price tag yet.--Pat N.

  12. Hey Tami, I am not on board with those kinds of products yet. I saw 1 a few years ago, and in that little time, they have gotten much better, so I am waiting, not patiently, but waiting!! and I have an award for you on my blog, so come on over and get it!!!!


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