Monday, July 18, 2011

For Fun Challenge

I saw a new challenge (new to me, that is) listed on a friend's blog and decided to give it a try.  This is for the For Fun Challenge.   Their challenge this week is a fold challenge and you're supposed to use one other fold besides the regular fold of the card.  fold, fold, fold getting a little redundant here. 
This was an exercise in frustration and improvisation (as most of my cards are.)  No twine, not enough Copics to color with, this thingamagig is too big, this one is too small, blah, blah, blah.  I wonder if I had all the scrapbook/crafting tools I wanted & needed would I be satisfied then?  It would make things a whole lot easier and go a lot smoother, THAT'S for sure!

I normally try to keep my cards as flat as I can because the vast majority of them go to OWH and I want them to be as easy to pack and to mail as possible.  This one is a little too lumpy & bumpy so I've got to go try to buy something (like maybe a heavy weight cotton twine) that I can replace my lasso rope. I've got to replace it instead of just leaving it off, which I think I would prefer, because of the glue residue.   
I've come to realize that I always see things I would'uv, should'uv, could'uv done differently AFTER I post pictures of my cards. Maybe I should always post a preview picture, find out what is wrong or missing & then go back and rework the card, retake the picture and then post it.   I usually end up redoing alot of my cards anyways, but I never post the revisions.  I guess I figure seeing it once is enough for everyone.  The more I look at it, this one will definitely get a little redo, but that will have to come tomorrow......
 Front panel
 Middle panel
both panels
The digi stamp I used is by Bugaboo.
Wishing you Sunshine & Smiles, Love & Laughter (& all the crafting supplies you need)


  1. I love your card its so cute. Yes I will probably fill it up. LOL

  2. Beautiful card Tami! Your coloring is amazing!!

  3. I am so glad you found us!! You made such an awesome card for the challenge this week. I will try to remember to make flatter cards next year with the new challenge

  4. Sorry phone rang and I thought I was done. lol This is a great card!!
    Thanks for playing along on FOr Fun

  5. AMAZING job with this one to!I love it,TOO STINKIN' CUTE!!:)

  6. Yay! So pleased you found us, and thanks for making such a wonderful card for our challenge at FOR FUN this week. Hugs, Ali x

  7. Love the tri-fold and al the detail you put into your card! Thanks for playing along at For Fun Challenges this week. Best of luck!

  8. This is one seriously hysterical post!! :) I LOVE this card and everything about it, so I definitely want to see the 'makeover' card!! I don't know how it could get any better!! That lasso is just too cute and GOODNESS are those images adorable!!

    Amy :) at

  9. Adorable card. Did you ever get your lasso fixed so it isn't so bulky? If not, you might try embroidery floss and color it with your Copic markers. Just a suggestion.


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