Saturday, July 30, 2011

Under the Weather for Bugaboo Wacky Wednesday Challenge #12

Well, it seems a little too girly to send to a guy and too masculine to send to a girl, so now what?  Wait till one of my sissy guy friends or manly girl friends gets sick I guess.  In the mean time, I'm entering it over at Bugaboo's Wacky Wednesday Challenge at Paper Craft Planet.  The inside sentiment reads, heard you've been under the weather...feel better soon!

I'm just not getting the NING thing, (I think and hope that's what it's called,) but in all fairness I should add that it took me a few months to get used to Blogger.  Do any of you who may be reading this post post much @ PCP, CDAC or the new PK Stamps page?  Do you prefer NING over Blogger & if so why?  Other than focusing on similar styles/tastes via the digi groups you choose, what is it I'm missing about it?    A lot of people really seem to like it.  Oh well, you know the old saying... It's hard to teach an old dog new tricks- HARD mind you, not impossible.  Maybe once I get a little more accustomed to it I'll like it better.
Hope you're staying cool wherever you are.  Enjoy the rest of your weekend.  It's hard to believe but school starts back here in 2 weeks.   What about where you are?


  1. Tami this is adorable! I love this image :)

  2. Tami, this is SO cute! I just love the plaid paper and the way you placed them on the background. And of course that little bear is too cute! Our school starts in 3 weeks and I can't believe it! Where did my summer go? Hugs- Glora

  3. Wow I love your card BBFF. Great job on it. I really don't think it would matter about the gender of the receiver. Its a great card for anyone. BTW i got my new glasses in and they upped the strength so I am trying to adjust to them. The distance is okay but the bifocal part is the part i need to adjust to. I can read with them but it seems different and the Doc says it may take a little while and if not come back. Hugsss.

  4. Well Hubby and I went to Bingo and woohoo i got to yell. I hit the first 1000.00 dollar jackpot by myself. Yippeeeeeee. So we stayed to play the Midnight games. Hubby bingoed for 130.00 game. During the break we decided to find a walmart and as we were leaving following advice from a worker there he turned left which was a one way street and it was the wrong way for us and of course there sat a state police. Which we didn't see and as we were correcting the turn he pull hubby over and gave him a breath a lizer test hehe . I was laughing. Bob was flustered and getting iratated cause the police kept saying are you on med are you sure your not drinking You know that do not enter sign was a tell all. So hubby was getting defensive. Well he passed the test of course. But he kept saying you sure your not on meds. It was so funny. He didn't give him a ticket but as mouthy as he was i expected him too.

  5. Tami, this is PRECIOUS!! I don't think it's too masculine OR too girly!! I LOVE the color combo!! :) Next time I'm sick, you can send it to me!! LOL...

    I'm not sure where summer went, but it's surely coming to a quick close!! Brea's grad party is this Sunday, Aaron leaves for school the next week (Brea a few days after)... And then I'm sure the snow will come (sigh). Why is summer so short when winter is so long???

    Anywhooo -- I can't help ya with the NING thing, cuz I don't quite get it either...

    But I was wondering if you would be so wonderfully kind to post your box card and enter it in my challenge??? Pretty please??? :)

    Amy :) at
    Love To Crop! facebook page


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