Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Look what I got......& a question for you

Does this make me "official"?  I now have a blog button.    I've had 2 very sweet ladies make me buttons and without going into yet another tale of my computer & technology ignorance, I'll just say thank you Amy ( Love to Crop) and Vicky (Victoria's Junk).  Vicky made me a button several months ago, and Amy just sent me this one.  It is so great having friends who'll look out for you! 
Now for my question..... when you get on Blogger do you just scroll down the dashboard to see the most recent posts or do you use buttons and hit your favorite places?


  1. Love your new button! You are right . . . it is good to have friends helping you out!

    I usually do the dashboard so I can find the ones I like fast.

  2. Aw, this button is SO cute! I need to make some changes to my blog LO so I can add more of these! I normally use my dashboard, but the buttons are definitely helpful too. Hugs- Glora

  3. Love your button!! I use my dashboard...easier to look through the most recent posts and check them all out. I have been thinking of a blog makeover for a while now but keep running out of time....I will get there soon :)

  4. Very pretty Tami, I need a button for mine but have not had one made, I am waiting for one to be made. That is very sweet of those ladies to do that for you. Its nice to know there are thoughtful crafters out there looking out for one another

  5. I scroll down the blogs I follow with newest post, use email to follow some that I enter challenges in so I do not miss a new challenge being posted or a win (just won at M.A.G. Challenge By The Page and had some emails from blog friends that saw I won before I knew I had won) and I also go to my comments and click on the people that comment to check for their updates because blogger seems to not give me updates on them and I'm following them. So to answer your question I do several things to ck out blogs I follow.
    "Sunshine HoneyBee"


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